Ekiah Productions strives to produce films, documentaries, videos, and educational programs that not only demonstrate the professional quality in which Ekiah Productions takes pride, but also raise awareness in ways that evoke positive social change.



Our focus on social justice stems from its desire to promote social change through demonstrating areas in which injustice threatens what is inherently good or right in our society.  The world in which we currently live changes so quickly and the global nature of our community allows issues of personal ideology to transform—often effortlessly—into societal concerns.

Semantically, social change is often viewed through and defined by the lens of programmatic or policy driven terms and theories, whereas social justice deals with matters on a more conceptual level. The two are, however, inherently linked: one cannot achieve justice without change and change should not occur in a way that is unjust.

Raising awareness of issues affected by social justice concerns is at the heart of what EP attempts to accomplishes through our films, theatrical productions, and documentaries. While some might avoid confronting and challenging areas deemed to be unjust, EP makes it the primary focus of its mission.